Keg de Souza’s Temporary Spaces, Edible Places Picnic

Keg's Inflatable at Burrard Marina

Keg de Souza’s Inflatable at Burrard Marina











On Friday April 3rd Burrard Field House Studio resident Australian artist Keg de Souza hosted a picnic!

Her handmade inflatable dome became a temporary space at the Burrard Marina Field House for a discussion. Through meetings with local chefs, food activists and local residents over the past few weeks, de Souza prepared a truly ‘Canadian’ feast as the starting point for an afternoon of unfolding dialogue. Poutine, Kraft dinner, candied salmon, beavertails and bannock were just some of dishes served. Engaging Canadian colonial narratives via a consideration of Canadian food traditions, conversations were mapped directly onto the inflatable’s floor. A starting point for the discussion was the ephemerality of the event itself – the only remnants being an intertwining of disconnected dialogues alongside dirty dishes, crumbs and new questions posed.

This event was the first public happening by Burrard Marina Field House artist-in-resident Keg de Souza (more on her work in Vancouver here), exploring food culture as a metaphor for urban displacement. Keg will be back in July to continue her project. Stay tuned for more events like this.

Canadian Picnic

A Canadian Picnic was held inside the inflatable…

kegpicnic1kegpicnic2kegpicnic4keg picnic 3

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