Anticipating Keg de Souza’s Visit …

In July/August, the Field House welcomes back to Vancouver, Australian artist Keg de Souza whose projects investigate the politics of space informed by a formal training in architecture and combined with her experiences such as squatting in the inner-city suburb Redfern, Sydney.

Here is a short video about Keg’s last Vancouver project and public picnic:

De Souza’s work emphasizes participation and reciprocity, and often involves the process of learning new skills and fostering relationships to create site and situation-specific projects. For over ten years she has self-published her hand-bound books and ‘zines under the name All Thumbs Press.

De Souza will continue to develop a series of community based workshops throughout 2015-16 engaging participants in a critical dialogue regarding local food production.  She will also be working on a two-week program with high school students at ECUAD, and is working closely with various local urban farmers, food security activists, and community members to explore the food politics within the city as both evidence of, and a metaphor for urban displacement through gentrification.  De Souza probes issues around relationships between food, art, and architecture, class and the meaning and creation of radical spaces, community, and sustainability.

Keg’s upcoming Vancouver project will feature an urban foraging tour culminating in a jam making session and discussion exploring cultural preservation and the continuing effects of colonization in contemporary Vancouver.

Canadian Picnic

Canadian Picnic



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