Preservation Event with Keg de Souza

CAG’s Burrard Marina Field House is super excited for Australian artist Keg de Souza’s upcoming visit and two day workshop, Preservation.  On August 1st and 2nd, Keg will be facilitating a workshop that uses urban foraging and jam making to explore ideas around ‘food as metaphor’.  Specifically foraging for blackberries (an invasive and rapidly expansive plant found all over Vancouver), the group will gather berries from around the Field House on the first day of the workshop led by Aboriginal herbalist Lori Snyder.  On day two, the group will converge again to make jam with Snyder’s partner and local jam master Steve Snyder.

The event will focus on the theme of the Blackberry as metaphor for displacement, and more specifically the ongoing effects of colonization in contemporary Vancouver.  The Blackberry bush is known to be an invasive species that grows alongside the riverbanks and surrounding areas of the Burrard Marina Field House – where once a diverse range of indigenous plants grew freely, but which now struggle to compete with these berries.

The rapid growth of Blackberries can shade out and smother native plants, upset ecosystems, and monopolize space. Their large thickets can drive away deep-rooted native shrubs that stabilize the riverbanks. Descriptions of the colonizing effects of the Himalayan Blackberry on the local area, parallels descriptions of systemic problems caused by the effects of colonisation on First Nations people in British Columbia and Canada, which we will explore through conversation, foraging, and jam making.

If you’d like to participate, please RSVP to

For more information on Keg de Souza’s visits to the CAG and the Burrard Marina Field House check out the posts here and here.






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