The Mystery of the Bust, Part 2

Maddie Leach dives straight into the nitty gritty upon visiting New Westminster. We spend a couple of hours at the New Westminster Museum of Archives, flipping through yellowed newspaper articles and writing down the record numbers of historic photographs. Maddie is able to piece together a rough outline of the Simon Fraser Monument, but some details are still missing.

A walk to the original site is in order. Heading northwest on Columbia Street, the investigation moves to Albert Crescent Park. We look for clues that might tell us where the exact location of the monument was, but find only tall grass and a panoramic view of the Fraser River.

Trying for another perspective of the current monument, we head across the water to Tannery Park. A path leads straight down to the mudflats, and Maddie snaps a few photos of the water. Our search for physical traces of Simon Fraser continues.


Maddie Leach shooting the Fraser River. Photo Credit: Mackenzie Reid Rostad


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