Tea at Gallery Gachet


Gallery Gachet will be offering tea and conversation on August 25 from 1 to 3pm.

The atmosphere is animated with lively, comfortable conversation as the gallery fills with the subtle aromas of tea. For the duration of Dylan Miner’s solo exhibition, Michif – Michin (the people, the medicine), Gallery Gachet is hosting a public gathering once a week for visitors to sit and share. Tomorrow (August 25) will be the last session before the exhibition closes.


Pine needle and horsetail tea. Photo credit: Kay Slater

The teas are loose leaf, contained in leather containers that might hold a combination of pine needle and horsetail, dried mushrooms or another deeply aromatic selection. With a hot mug in hand, I join the table placed at the center of the gallery; the heart of the exhibition. The conversation flows easily from Star Trek to horror films, sleepwalking to lucid dreaming, indigenous representation to arts initiatives and Pokémon GO.


Printmaking at Gallery Gachet in early August

The discussion is framed by the prints of medicinal plants created by Dylan and a group of participants in his printmaking shop, held in the gallery earlier this month. Dylan hand-carved images of birch, salmonberry, dandelions and more, then created a natural dye with blackberries harvested from the DTES. The prints stand vivid against the white walls, the rich splashes of pulpy dye lending a near-haptic quality. Some of the plants featured echo the varieties Cease Wyss described during a plant walk through Stanley Park organized with Dylan.


Prints made by Dylan Miner. Photo credit: Holly Schmidt

The exhibition runs through August 28. For more on Dylan Miner’s activities in Vancouver, click here.


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